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Managing Variety at MIT: Trends in Engineering Practice for Variant Management and MBSE
Dr. Bruce G. Cameron, Director System Architecture Lab – Department of Engineering Systems, Massachusetts Institute of Technology / USA


From Automotive Integration & Variants towards Open Platforms and Apps
Christian Prehofer, Research Group Leader, Fortiss


Configuration Lifecycle Management in a world of extreme individualisation
Henrik Hulgaard, CTO, Configit


Synchronize for success – integrated portfolio-, product- and production-architecture in the automotive industry
Jan Koch, Research Associate, Department of Innovation Management, WZL, RWTH Aachen University


A methodology for successful phase-out management in multi-variant production
Dr. Robert Landwehr, Complexity Management and Phase out Management, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Daimler AG


Achieving scalability and flexibility through a common variability services approach
Lopa Subramanian, Director of Product Management, ARAS Corporation

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