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Rockwell Automation: The evolution of pharmaceutical MES

Pharmaceutical companies around the world are facing pressure from a number of sides: On the one hand it is getting increasingly complex to meet regulatory requirements by the government and the healthcare industry. Other than that generics manufacturers are becoming a serious threat demanding faster time to market more than ever.

Rockwell Automation published a white paper addressing the evolution and recent issues of the global pharmaceutical industry. They demonstrate why setting up MES or EBR systems can be crucial to overcome the above-named challenges and ensure long-term success in the industry.

EBR system benefits:

  • EBR systems cut in batch-review cycle times, investigations, manual entries and entry mistakes.
  • Pre-validated recipe building blocks available in advanced EBR systems can be re-used to achieve shorter deployment times.
  • Automated data collection and human error risk reduction lead to inventory savings and less waste.

View the full white paper “Beyond Compliance: The Evolution of Pharmaceutical MES” and get a clear picture of recent developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

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