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Nedap Case Study: Reduce Site Energy Costs with intelligent Lighting

As the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains Bombardier has a lot of engineering sites worldwide. In order to guarantee high precision work and quality products, adequate lighting is crucial. Lighting is also important in terms of safety and for providing a comfortable working environment for the employees.

At Bombardier in Bruges (Belgium) the manufacturing halls were equipped with conventional magnetic luminaires that consumed a high amount of energy. In order to meet corporate sustainability goals and reduce energy and maintenance costs, the company worked with RelScan (Nedap) to implement an energy-efficient, future-proof lighting system. New lighting skylights went into action in the roofs of the construction areas, for example. Thanks to dynamic light management Bombardier was able to total 30% additional energy savings.

Improvements and cost savings

  • Before the upgrade luminaire type and light levels 28 x 400 W HPL 100-200 Lx; after the upgrade: 65 x 48/90 W LED 200-300 Lx.
  • Average annual energy consumption without light management decreased from 13,020 kWh to 4,400 kWh.
  • 30% additional energy savings though light management. Total savings: 77%
  • Payback: 2-3,5 years

Read the full case study and learn how intelligent lighting and dynamic light management can reduce energy consumption enormously.

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