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Boehringer Ingelheim: Knowledge management in operation and maintenance

Make knowledge accessible – extract and transfer it – experience it; this is what Olaf Krebs from Boehringer Ingelheim suggests in the course of his case study on the knowledge management initiative “Biopharma”. The project was initiated to make internal knowledge accessible throughout the company, to support cultural change and to foster innovation. Among other things the concept included the set-up of a company wiki give the employees the opportunity to create, collect and share information in a central place.

Key Facts

  • Knowledge has become the significant competitive factor of today & tomorrow.
  • Creation, development, distribution, use and preservation of knowledge have to be managed under personal, organizational and technical conditions.
  • Corporate Wikis can promote teamwork and work as a feedback loop to express and solve uncertainties.

View the full presentation and take your own picture of Boehringer Ingelheim’s knowledge management approach. Find the case study “Knowledge Management in Operation and Maintenance” here.

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