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Intrapreneurship – How to empower you Employees to innovate

Machine-to-machine communication, 3D printing, robotics, drones, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain and cryptocurrencies – the list of innovations changing everyday life seems endless. Many innovation are brought to us by outstanding startups or large companies that cooperate with startups to benefit from their innovation power.

As a result of this trend the question rises: If innovation can be outsourced to startups, why even bother about developing innovations on your own? Why should companies rely on intrapreneurship?

This white paper by WhatAVenture has got the answers. Intrapreneurs are the drivers of innovation within a company and essential for its success. Learn what it takes to unleash your intrapreneurship power: from major building blocks to setup an intrapreneurship program, an overview of the market’s main intrapreneurship models to key success factors.

What you will learn in this White Paper

  • The relevance of intrapreneurship
  • What makes intrapreneurs special
  • Overview of the major building blocks to set up an intrapreneurship program
  • Outline of major intrapreneurship models and their specialties
  • Major success factors while running intrapreneurship programs

Read the white paper and learn what it takes to leverage your intrapreneurship power and build innovations with your own people.

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