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Fantuzzi Group targets the Transformation of Heavy Machinery Technology

When it comes to heavy machinery and handling heavy goods, there is no match for what the Italy-based Fantuzzi-Reggiane Spa group has to offer. The company nearly covers the entire range of machines required for loading, unloading and transporting goods that weigh in tons. While the company manufactures equipment for the port market, it also covers the railway freight sector.

What started in the province of Reggio Emilia as a zoo-technical and agricultural equipment manufacturer back in 1960 has now become not only a multinational firm but also the world leader in this line of business. This transformation, of course, happened over the years after a lot of advancements and not to forget, after overcoming a number of technological challenges. The founder and current President of the group, Luciano Fantuzzi, when kick-started the company in 1967 began manufacturing side lift trucks for transporting timber, metal rods and all sorts of long materials that weighed between three to five tonnes. With orders flowing in, his company made 60 units in the second year, which was five times of what it sold in its first year.

The company really took off and outdid all its rivals in the industry when in 1968 Luciano Fantuzzi got inspired by a British-made heavy duty side-loader that could lift up to 32 tonnes and decided to create something similar yet more powerful than that. Upon achieving this goal, his firm started receiving orders from Fiat, French Railways, etc. and the rest is history. Today, the Fantuzzi Group Italy has manufacturing plants in not only Italy but also China and Germany and exports to 162 countries.

Luciano Fantuzzi has spread his business all over the world and has shared his patented technology with the governments worldwide to make transportation and handling heavy materials convenient and we can say that they have been the pioneers in making the trucking and heavy machinery industry go digital and as revolutionized as possible. Now the Fantuzzi Group Italy plans to transform the heavy machinery technology in Sri Lanka with the support of the Sri Lankan government.

The news came in the spotlight when Luciano Fantuzzi along with his consultant, Michael Drewitt, met Sujeewa Senasinghe, the Sri Lankan State Minister for Investment promotion, in Milan during the Minister’s promotional visit on promoting trade between Sri Lanka and the EU under the GSP Plus concession. The Minister met Dr. Federico Bega and the Vice President of Assolombarda Confindustria Milano, Dr. Pietro Sala. Dr. Bega is presently serving as the Head of Strategic Areas of the Milan Chamber of Commerce and Industries. They discussed the potential of the industrial parks in Sri Lanka, currently in their initial stages, and how the well-known and highly reliable Italian technology would be necessary.

The talks revealed not only how Sri Lanka could use the Italian professionals in industries like boat building, fisheries, tourism, etc. but also the great trade opportunities Italians and other European businesses could avail under the GSP pulse concessions. Senasinghe talked about and explained how exchanging delegations of exporters and transferring technology to the gorgeous island could bring a variety of opportunities to the members in the future. According to the sources, the visit turned out to be partially successful as it was agreed to have tailor-made sector information of Sri Lanka exchanged before such visits took place. With the Fantuzzi Group Italy really considering the option, this could become the next big thing for the industry in both the countries.

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