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EY & RWTH Aachen: Measuring Open Innovation (Part 2)

Time for the second part of the Open Innovation Paper authored by Ernst&Young Advisory and RWTH Aachen University. After outlining the framework for open innovation performance measurement in the first part, the authors presented their metrics-based innovation management toolkit. Its purpose is to empower decision makers and innovation teams to properly assess, control, and measure the performance of their open innovation activities. Here the so called open innovation scorecards are used to identify the most important measures when it comes to determining an open innovation campaign’s success.

Key Facts

  • The open innovation toolkit is realized through an empirically evaluation – that allows to reduce the number of indicators to a significant set of relevant open innovation metrics.
  • 3 scorecards for different open innovation methods: Lead user integration, ideation contests, broadcast search.
  • Input and outcome measures should rather follow an instrumental use, while output and process KPIs were dominated by a conceptual use.

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