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A Vision of Future Pharma

During the past 8-12 years the pharmaceutical industry failed to keep up with the share price performance of other major industries like healthcare, utilities or food and beverages. This development is primary caused by increasing competition, higher regulatory hurdles and price reductions, says Dr. Hanns-Eberhard Erle. Constant output levels result in exponential decline in R&D productivity despite major advances in basic science.

But there are positive factors that may give the industry new impetus: Manufacturing & Technology Trends like Operational Excellence, Industry 4.0 and Biosimilars will fuel a behavioral change, making processes more efficient and flexible. Dr. Erle illuminates those trends and sums up how “Future Pharma” could look like.

Main Pharma Industry Challenges

  • Delivering shareholder/stakeholder value.
  • Moderate growth business environment.
  • R&D productivity.
  • Increased M&A activities.
  • Rising risks and loss of trust.

How will the future pharmaceutical industry look like? View the full case study and find out about challenges, manufacturing trends and future value creation factors.

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